SIDF’s mission is to extend support that contributes to the development of private sector industrial activities through the provision of long and medium-term loans for setting up new industrial projects, as well as, modernizing, replacing and expanding existing installations. In addition, the Fund provides professional administrative, financial, technical and marketing consultative services to SIDF financed industrial projects.

Among SIDF’s prime objectives within the context of industrial development for the Kingdom are:

  • Meaningful rates of return on industrial investments
  • Significant value adds to the local and national economy
  • Replacing foreign imports with domestically produced alternatives
  • Increasing our non-oil exports
  • Integrating the industrial sector with the other economic sectors
  • Increasing employment opportunities for Saudis nationals
  • Optimizing local raw material utilization
  • Attracting foreign capital and technology transfer
  • Promoting industrial safety and loss prevention
  • Promoting environmental awareness and resource conservation in the industrial sector.

It is important to note that recent changes to the Fund’s lending policies have been designed to stimulate Industrial Investments in the Promising Regions and strategic projects by increasing the maximum limit of SIDF loans to 75% of the total implemented projects costs and extending maximum term of repayment up to 20 years.

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