Natural Gas Distribution Company

Natural Gas Distribution Company [NGDC] is the pioneer organization and the largest in distribution of natural gas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established in year 2000. Supply of gas started with 25 industrial customers in 2002 and continuously expanding to cater our existing and new customers’ needs of dry gas. Currently, 70 industrial customers are connected to NGDC gas pipeline distribution network. NGDC receive natural gas from Saudi Aramco through underground pipeline network and distributing to various industries in Second Industrial City of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. NGDC would like to be a leader in natural gas distribution by providing innovative value added energy solutions. Our mission is to provide the cleanest, cost effective and reliable energy solutions to achieve the goals of economic and social development of the nation. Our main aim is to contribute our efforts for the development of infrastructure to supply the natural gas services by constructing and operating the pipeline networks in all the major sectors of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after obtaining the required permits from the governing authorities.