Matouq Jannah

Mr. Matouq Jannah holds BSc in Chemical Engineering from King Saud University, Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Jannah is Chairman of Board of Directors for Bonar Natpet Geosynthetics, Board member of   Alujain Corporation, and Member of Executive Committee of Natpet- Schulman specialty plastic compounds project.

In addition to above positions Mr. Jannah also handles Operations & Maintenance of National Petrochemical Industrial Co. (Natpet)

Mr. Jannah had been in the board of other well-known companies;  Petromin Shell Refinery; Heavy Oil Conversion Company, Bahrain; Jeddah Oil Refinery and Zain Industries.

He also worked in various other senior positions, few among them being Senior Vice President-Projects Division of Safra Co. Ltd,  Executive Managing Director of Jeddah Oil Refinery, Executive Managing Director and President of Shell as well as Managing Director & Executive Vice President of SASREF. He was also employed in Shell Haven Refinery in the UK.  Additionally, he represented PETROMIN in Holland as a shareholder Executive Committee Member in Petromin and Shell Refinery Joint Venture.

His core responsibilities include designing, developing projects related to petrochemicals and down-stream industry from the concept until realization and to ensure its continuous operation through team work, by implementing best practices to deliver excellent operating standards as well as providing cost effective solutions

Mr. Jannah has also undergone various courses, attended various conferences and Oil & Gas Symposiums OPEC and Arab World Energy conferences.

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