Key Speaker: H.E. Ali Al-Naimi

H.E Ali Al-Naimi has been Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources since August 1995.  Prior to being named Minister, he had served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Saudi Aramco for seven years.

Minister Al-Naimi began his career in energy exploration and production with Saudi Aramco in 1947 as a Foreman, and then moved through the ranks as an Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, and Manager, before moving into the Exploration Department in 1953 to work as a Geologist, and later as a Hydrologist and Geologist.  He worked in the Economics and Public Relations Department and Abqaiq Producing Division at Saudi Aramco from 1967-1969.  The Minister was appointed Vice President of Saudi Aramco in 1975, Senior Vice President in 1978, and was elected Saudi Aramco Director in 1980.  He became Executive Vice President of Operations for Saudi Aramco in 1982, and then Company President in 1984.  He then became CEO of Saudi Aramco in 1988.

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