Alan Yeap

Alan started as a commodities trader and became the co-founder and CEO of New Quantum Holdings Pte Ltd. Since founded in 2010, the company’s turnover growth has been increasing rapidly from US$9M in 2010 and US$25M in 2011 to USD$46Min 2012. They target to achieve US$100M in year 2013.

The company believes in creating the value-added supply chain for its customers, from providing commodities like polymers, chemicals, and fertilizers, to finished products such as environmental friendly bags, tablecloths, and disposable cutleries. His  company  is  currently  marketing  environmental  friendly  bags  in  ten  different countries,  including  USA,  China,  Indonesia,  Vietnam,  India,  Australia  and many others.

Having 20 years of experiences in international petrochemical trade, Alan began to see the need for a more sustainable business model in response to the new world, new problems such as the negative impact of on the global environment and climate change has on the supply chain and the business reputation.

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