The Saudi Downstream Forum was created to highlight the vast investment potential with the Kingdom’s downstream industry and promote the development of associated industries to ultimately culminate in a global hub for manufacturing.

Saudi Arabia is the most important energy hub in the world with resources outstripping that of any other country. Over the last 15 years under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Government, Saudi Arabia has started to transform its economic base from an exporter of crude, to a manufacturer of oil and gas based products.

As a country transforming its entire investment strategy, it is understood that this transformation would not happen overnight and in 2010 the time was right to start promoting the infrastructure and clusters built to support a wave of new investment in the downstream petrochemical and mineral sectors.


The Kingdom’s population will soon pass 30 million people, the majority being consumer ‘savvy’ and driven by computers and technology. Saudi Arabia is therefore perfectly placed for an international investor who will benefit from the largest economy in the Middle East, as well as the most advanced infrastructure and competitively priced feedstocks.

It has become clear that for a downstream industry investor to thrive, a company needs to be near its ‘market’ and therefore promoting the clusters and purchasing power within Saudi Arabia itself play a major role in the forum. Focusing more on Saudi Arabia as a regional hub for manufacturing will provide huge opportunities for investors.

One of the major aims is to convey to investors the quality of infrastructure, stability and accessibility of the key economic areas for downstream investment.


The Saudi Downstream Forum has grown to become the premier downstream event in the region. The exhibition attracts support from globally renowned companies and thousands of top level visitors from the public and private sectors. The conference sees expert speakers addressing an audience of executive level participants looking to invest in the Kingdom. The event is an ideal opportunity to meet new contacts and generate new business.