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As part of the Kingdom's strategy to optimize its energy resources, the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu embarked a two-stage project in the 1970s to conserve and exploit the enormous reserves of natural gas in the eastern region.

This involved the establishment of a vast industrial network to gather and process natural gas in Jubail Industrial City, followed by the construction of a double pipeline running from east to west across the Kingdom to transport oil and gas from Jubail to Yanbu. The aim was to supply energy for the many industrial projects in Yanbu and to facilitate the export of energy products from the Red Sea coast. The pipeline, which runs for 1,170 kilometres, was completed in 1982.

These two massive industrial complexes on the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea are shining beacons of Saudi Arabia's vision of industrial and economic development to reduce the country’s reliance on oil exports. Expansion of the two cities in the form of Jubail II and Yanbu II is well underway.


Jubail Industrial City, Jubail, KSA
Zip Code 31961

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